Would your public, private or charter preschool benefit from an in-house “Getting Into NYC Kindergarten” workshop that covers all your school options, as well as Gifted & Talented test prep, tips on applying for financial aid, the inside scoop on unzoned schools that welcome outside families, and much more?

Would your families benefit from a designated, regular email to keep them abreast of all school application deadlines as well as any last minute changes by the Department of Education (such as the time they altered how to apply to public Dual Language programs while parents were already in the process of filling out their applications!)?

Contact Alina Adams at AlinaAdams@gmail.com to learn more about our group workshops for schools and our year-long, customized “Getting Into NYC Kindergarten” multimedia option.

“Getting Into High-School” workshops also available for middle-schools.

Alina Adams speaks at Smarter Toddler FiDi